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A Cut Above Meats Inc. originally set out to connect families to farms by offering a way to buy free range and organic meat products at a good price. I wanted the best tasting and most tender meats for the family so we searched for farmers, who like us, really cared about natural farming and a passion for the foods we eat. We knocked on a lot of farmers doors in search of that perfect farm. Yes, we had doors slammed in our faces but we would not give up until we found the right ones. Fenwood Farms located in Ancaster, ON. was kind enough to give us the time to explain our beliefs and our commitment to quality. Hence, the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Why? Because we refuse to supply families like yours with meats farmed in heavy commercial feed lots and out of country suppliers with no quality control. I’m sure our persistence was not welcomed by every farmer we had come across, this we make no apology for. We just wanted to find the best farmers that care about natural farming like we do. Our persistence was based on those principles then and we strictly maintain the same attitude today. We also take extra measures after farming to insure your family enjoys the very best cuts.

So when new families ask us, “Why are you so different from other meat companies?” We simply answer… “Because we really care about what your family eats!”

We have grown considerably and now offer home delivery to families across Ontario. So when your ready to eat better let us know. We will truly give you and your family A Cut Above Meats experience.

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Certified by PRO-CERT these organic chickens are given an exclusive feed blended with wholesome grains, corn and legumes. We only use only 100% organic grains grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic plant regulators. Raised in modern buildings with access to natural sunlight and clean well water, these chickens are able to enjoy a free-run environment all year round. We also carry antibiotic free(ABF) poultry which is not organic however many of the same raising practices are used for both poultry lines. This is why we feel we have the best tasting chicken in Ontario.

Boneless Chinook Salmon also known as King or Spring Salmon is harvested from the Stikine river in BC. We believe it’s some of the freshest, healthiest and environmentally sound fish on the market today. Every fish contains omega-3s, Astaxanthin (antioxidant), Selenium (essential health nutrient), B12 (nerve/red blood cell health) and vitamin D (healthy bones and teeth).

These pigs are fed a diet of vegetarian grains and are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics which are commonly used in factory farms. Pigs are very intelligent and playful creatures. Our pigs are never separated from their families and are given plenty of space to live. The healthy and stress-free environment that our pigs grow up in, combined with the natural diet we feed them, results in superior succulent and nutritional value that is second to none. You just can’t beat raising animals the right way!

At A Cut Above Meats Inc., we provide Halal meat products and are Certified through the Zabiha Halal Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada. Our direct supplier at Parkhill Meats ensures every cut for our customers is A Cut Above.

Our co-op of farmers have an abundance of grazing land and an unlimited source of fresh water. In the winter they are supplemented with extra grain and organic hay. Animals in our family farm program are never given any added hormones or antibiotics. Healthy animals provide superior nutrition and quality therefore no medication is needed. This is why we truly feel we have some of the best AAA free range beef available on the market today.

A Cut Above Meats Inc. is a certified distributor of the Ontario local farmers program which was formed to bring together small Ontario family run farms who share the same philosophy of raising livestock in a humane manner and providing a future for young farmers.

Our Product

Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon from Stikine River, BC.

Vacuum Sealed

Vacuum Sealed meats preserving freshness.

Ready to BBQ

Grilling meats on the BBQ; large or small amounts.


Dry-aging meats giving that unique flavour.


Parkhill Halal meats ready for your perfect dish.


Our succulent pork is nitrate-free from local family farms.


All of our poultry products are Certified Organic or Free-Range.


In today’s fast pace environment most families are always on the move resulting in many unhealthy meals. A Cut Above Meats and our local farms would like to provide your family an alternative way to mainstream grocery shopping . By connecting to our Co-op of Ontario farms, you will know exactly where your meat is coming from, as well as know it’s free of hormones, antibiotics and other sub-therapeutic medications.

We look forward to delivering exceptional quality and service to your family for years to come.

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Why are you so different from other meat companies?

A Cut Above Meats Inc. is proud to be Ontario’s leading provider of local, organic, free-range Meats and Wildly-Caught Pacific Fish.  We offer Ontarians a way to get the tastiest, healthiest, and highest quality Meats and Fish that is both affordable and extremely convenient.  All of our animals are treated with humanity, dignity, and respect by farmers who take responsible care of both the animals and the environment.  We look forward to providing you with the best Meats and Fish you’ve ever tasted along with convenience you never thought possible!  Once you try A Cut Above Meats, you’ll never want to buy from the grocery stores again!

Where are the cattle raised?

The cattle are raised in North Middlesex, Norfolk and Durham regions. They free range in the summer while in the winter their diet is supplemented with grain and plenty of hay.


The criteria for Canada’s A grades A/AA/AAA/Prime are identical with the only exception being the degree of marbling. A grade having the least marbling and Prime the most. This means that you will get a great beef eating experience with our tender and flavourful cuts.

Is it better to cook from frozen than from fresh?

This goes against what most people believe about cooking but it’s better to cook a steak that’s frozen than to cook a steak after it’s been thawed out.  Frozen  steak is “hands down” better tasting than a thawed steak.  What the chefs found was that the frozen steaks cooked better throughout, wasn’t overcooked around the edge like the thawed steak, lost less moisture and just tasted better.


Organic poultry are only fed organic grains which are certified by a third party in most cases. This is considered the purest form.

Antibiotic Free (ABF) is completely drug free but the grains the chickens are fed may not be organic. There is a possibility the grains have been grown in fields that had fertilizer added to the soil or sprayed with pesticides.

Where does your wild fish come from?

At A Cut Above Meats, we supply only the best of Certified Wild Canadian Fish. All of our Salmon fish is caught in British Columbia waters, more specifically in the Stikine River, one of Canada’s cleanest rivers. unlike other fisheries, we use insulated boxes to store the fish and within 24 hours of being caught, it is sliced and blast frozen then shipped to Ontario. When thawed for consumption, the fish is essentially as fresh as it was when it was caught. Other seasonal fish include wild sole, cod, and sushi grade tuna.


Yes it is common for beef to turn more of a brownish shade, this due to oxidation. When raw meat goes truly spoils, signs of include an off odor, or a slimy appearance.

Does your food have food-dyes and nitrates?

No, we stay away from any form of artificial dyes, preservatives and nitrates.

Why is your chicken different?

Our chickens are fed vitamin herbs and probiotics to help build their immune system. No antibiotics are used at all in the raising process.

Where am I going to store this meat?

A Cut Above Meats Inc. in partnership with The Brick Canada offer new wholesale energy efficient freezers to store your vacuum sealed individual cuts of meat. As part of our service we have a price freeze guarantee for two years for participating members.  Our customized orders are built to suit any size freezer or we can accommodate you with your current home freezer.

Will we save money in the program?

We believe you will.  It’s a challenge to resist impulse buying, that’s why our customers love this alternative way of grocery shopping.  You don’t have take our word for it, just ask our customers.  Really who wouldn’t want to enjoy some amazing local drug-free meat while supporting our community.

Do you donate to community organizations?

Yes, every year A Cut Above Meats Inc. donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations. We are proud to support the following: ALS Canada, Growing Chefs! Ontario and Moms Go To Durham.